Customer Stories

CBD Testimonials from Real Healing Harbors Customers

Max Z.

“I can’t tell you what a difference you have made in my life. I can now drop the right number of corn seeds in a hill, pick up the right drill bit in the shop, and rip a piece of plywood without wiggling all over the place, and you already know about the tying of sneakers and buttoning of shirts — such simple things — but when you can’t do them, it’s a terribly annoying thing. You are an angel to me, thank you so much.”

Carla L.

“One night our sweet kitten Bodhi was in some serious pain. Something had happened to his paw. We couldn’t touch it without agony on his part. I remembered seeing reviews about the Healing Harbors Pet Drops, and bought a bottle. I gave him one drop that night, and the next morning there was no sign of pain. He was 100% cured and it was because of your CBD. This stuff is a godsend.”

Mike R.

“I have skin sores on the back of my hands (old people stuff). The body butter healed them in about 2-3 days.  My wife has an issue with cracked skin around her nails and has been using Neosporin. No results. With the body butter, it healed in 3 days.”

Dani G.
“I purchased the Pet Tincture for my 11yo dog. She was being treated for Anaplasmosis and while the antibiotics really helped, she still wasn't back to herself. I was determined to get her feeling better so that her daily activities were no longer hard for her, and so that she could get back to doing longer walks again. After taking just FIVE doses of CBD she went from walking slowly and carefully down the stairs to practically running down. She's also gained confidence on the hard floors in our house and is not slipping like she used to. Jumping up in to the car and on the furniture has gotten easier for her as well. I'm so happy that I found this for her, it makes me feel better knowing she is feeling better! Thank you for making this!”
Brent S.

“The body butters are awesome for massages and muscle rubs. Move aside IcyHot and Bengay and make room for Healing Harbors — a great local Maine company. Support our local businesses and check these guys out.”

Hallie T.
“We have been using the Pet Tincture for our dog's anxiety and depression for about a month now. Four years ago we moved and sadly he was never quite the same after. He had a long history as a stray puppy then bounced around to 3 other owners before we fell in love with him at the shelter so perhaps the move was too much for him. We had tried at-home training with a specialist, hormone collars, and even Prozac which didn't lead to much success of his nervous and sometimes aggressive behavior. We were at the point of giving him back to the shelter because of his attitude towards our daughter but after taking him off the Prozac and prepping to bring him back to the shelter at the end of the month his aggression diminished and we couldn't bring ourselves to give up on him. Though he slowly came around to our kids, he was never quite the happy pup we had fallen in love with, never wanting to play but always sleeping on his bed or wanting to be alone in the other room. We recently moved again and started to see his old nervous and aggressive habits creep up and that's when we decided to try this oil. After a few days he seemed to be more at ease, and after a month he is jumping into our laps, chasing sticks and wagging his tail. It may seem silly to say as that is what dogs are supposed to do, but I have not seen this sweet boy happily wagging his tail in years! My 9 year old beagle is back to his 3 year old self and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Healing Harbors for all that you have created!”

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