Hemp-Oil Products

Feel your best with our line of premium hemp-oil tinctures and salves. And treat your furry friend to the same premium hemp-oil blends to make their dog-days the best days ever!

Explore the entire line of Healing Harbors products below for both people and the pets they love! Each one of them has been carefully crafted so that you can live your best life every day. Because when you feel better, you’re able to share your best self with the world.

Our line of full spectrum hemp-oil tinctures and body butter will put you on the right path to elevated wellness.  Hemp-oil is known for its many benefits including pain relief, reducing inflammation, calming stress, muscle aches and pains and overall emotional balance. 

Feel your best and live your Best Life Ever!

Made in Maine with the utmost purity and integrity. Healing Harbors Daily Defense line is exactly what you need to start your day right and stay balanced.