Handcrafted Soaps

Handcrafted Essential Oil & CBD Soaps from Healing Harbors

You might ask how a CBD-infused soap makes any sense. Don’t the benefits of the CBD just get washed away?

You’d think so, but here’s what really happens. Warm water from your shower, bath, or sink opens your pores, creating a super-accessible pathway for CBD and carefully-selected essential oils to enter your system and go to work quickly.

As fast as that is, making our soap is just the opposite. We handcraft our soaps in our small batch kitchen on the farm, taking 20 days from start to finish — because that’s the best way to work with natural ingredients for a creamy, skin-loving soap. After all, good things take time. 

Coconut, Olive, and Fair Trade Sustainably-Sourced Palm Oil make it worth the wait — lathering up rich and luxurious on your skin. With scents like Grapefruit & Maine Sea Salt, Wild Lavender, and Maine Woods, you won’t be in any hurry to rinse it off. Which is fine. Take your time and relax.